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DUPLX is a new 22m diameter atomizer (510 compatible) that can be used on your favorite mod or box. In its case you will find the complete kit for use both with BCS or pure rebuildable resistances (single or dual coil), thanks to its ingenious head integrating a unique liquid flow control. Whether you use a little liquid or a big dose of VG, you can enjoy it in this new generation atomizer.
As a bonus included in the kit is the top dripping head replacing the tank. It is provided with two adjustable side airfl ows and fins for cooling the material quickly. DUPLX also features a 2 in 1 airflow system that will delight all vapers no matter how they inhale. The large airflows on the sides can be used for direct inhalation - the small airfl ows (which appear when the large ones are closed) will create the classical two times inhalation.

atomizer 100% inox Duplx Jwell
dripper RDA chrome Duplx Jwell

Chrome Version

black RBA dual coil atomizer Duplx Jwell

Black Version
(dual coil)

atomizer Duplx RDA Jwell


dripper Duplx simple coil Jwell

DUPLX with regular coil

atomizer Duplx simple coil Jwell

DUPLX with regular coil closed

RBA dismountable atomizer Duplx Jwell

RBA removable part

atomizer Duplx Jwell

RBA opened

atomizer Duplx Jwell

RBA closed

e-cig tank Top Filling icon jwell


DUPLX was designed with a easy refilling by the TOP. This ability make it very practical and easy to use!

top filling atomizer Duplx Jwell