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Discover our new ELIX range, its mystical flavors born from the fusion of the aromas. Taste the alchemy of the aromas and let the fresh mystical fruity flavors transport you. These unique creations and their abundant and light vapor will surprise you with their rich and delicate palette full of surprising nuances. It is art, combined with your imagination…
JWELL offers a range of 6 exclusive pharmaceutical quality flavors, 100% made in France and ISO 22000 compliant.

Available in bottles of 10ml with:

0 mg/ml Nicotin

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8 mg/ml Nicotin

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16 mg/ml Nicotin

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  • Elix Artical arome et liquide menthe polaire e-cig


    Polar mint

    A generous vapor combined
    with an extraordinary long
    lasting puffing experience;
    Arctical provides unrivalled
    freshness and tickles your
    taste buds. Perfect for the
    beautiful Summer days!

  • Elix Red Light arome et liquide fruits rouges anis et menthe e-cig


    red berries, anise and mint fusion

    The pleasure of the fruit picked right
    off the branch, coated with a subtle
    and soft anise glazing. An evocative
    and fresh e-liquid, a generous vapor…
    The energy fills to reduce the nicotine!

  • Elix Savannah arome et liquide fruits rouges vanillé e-cig


    Vanilla red berries cocktail

    The wild blackcurrant flavor
    reminds of the childhood sweets.
    Enhanced by a subtle vanilla
    note, it will linger you all day long.

  • Elix Mona Rx arome et liquide fruits rouges acidulés e-cig


    Fruits rouges acidulés

    La sensation gourmande des fruits rouges relevée d’un léger goût acidulé tout droit issu de notre enfance.
    Un goût frais, une vape généreuse.

  • Elix Tabac Goldrx arome et liquide pain de epices e-cig

    Tabac GOLDRX

    Tobacco and a touch of ginger bread

    This light and golden
    tobacco enhanced by a
    hint of honey offers a
    captivating and generous

  • Elix SUN3 arome et liquide réglisse mentholé e-cig


    Strawberry minty licorice cocktail

    The magical combination
    of sour strawberries and
    minty licorice gives a
    generous and round vape,
    slightly sweet.

  • Elix Mystik arome et liquide douceur des îles e-cig


    Island ambiance

    A range of perfumes brings
    back memories of warm sand,
    cool mist and the fruity
    exotic ambiance of the islands.

  • Elix Blue light arome et liquide fruit anis et mentholé e-cig

    Blue light

    Anise and mint with passion fruit

    This shade of passion fruit will not leave you stone-faced with its crystalline freshness of mint and anise aftertaste.

  • Pink light Elix arome et liquide framboise et raisin noir e-cig

    Pink Light

    Raspberry and raisin Cocktail

    A unique red fruit duo. When raspberry is intertwined with the black raisin flavor and a spicy aftertaste… A senses harmony.

  • Elix Green Light arome et liquide cocktail pomme absinthe e-cig

    Green Light

    Absinth and apple mix

    The pleasure of biting into an apple from the top of a mountain. Breathe high altitude air with its minty hint and notes with green tones.

  • Elix Gold Light e liquide vanillé et mentholé e-cig

    Gold Light

    Cocktail multifruits Vanillé & Mentholé