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Make some space for TRAXX, a box with a real temper. Its sportive appearance allows to reveal a true ambition for power. Indeed, the prominent sides hide two batteries in series, insuring you with a stable tension and giving some dynamic to your set ups. Thanks to the potentiometer and to the discret screen, you will have the possibility to easily choose the tension you wish to obtain. Furnished with all adequate securities, you will be able to vape down till 0.2 ohms. Overall, with a large dripper included, the “cloud chasing” will be at your reach. In fact, this 25 mm RDA will adapt perfectly onto all of your favourite assemblies. With two airflow arrivals, your coils will be effectively punched in order to produce a maximum of vapour at the right temperature. Are you looking for a quality set up, providing you with a stable and abundant vape? You may stop searching, TRAXX is made for you...


Key Features


TRAXX BOX Variable Tension : 1V - 7.5V Ohm Limit : 0.20 Ohm Power : limited at 180 W Double battery for a maximum power (batteries not included) LED Screen: Volt, Ohm, Battery Level Magnetic Doors Size : 95 mm (height) x 47 mm (width) x 26 mm (thickness)


RDA bottom feeder Dual coil Plot : Gold Plated Connection : 510 Drip tip in Delrin Diameter : 25 mm Size : 27 mm (without drip tip) ; 36 mm (with drip tip)

box et RDA Traxx Jwell


ceramic cover dripper Traxx Jwell
Ceramic coating to provide a thermal isolation and a maximum protection for your dripper !

box et RDA Traxx Jwell


  • Take off the top cap

  • Unscrew slightly and insert the coils

  • Screw back on and cut the protruding wire

box RDA Traxx Jwell


  • Insert the cotton in the coils

  • Adjust the double airflow

coils and airflow dripper Traxx Jwell


  • Take off the “doors”

  • insert the batteries respecting the right orientation (watch the icons)

warnings dripper

box Traxx Jwell - dripper


  • Push the button 5 times to turn it on/off

    • Push the button 5 times to turn it on/off

  • Turn the button to vary in volts

    • Increase the volts

    • Decrease the volts

  • Screw on the atomiser

box Traxx On/Off buton Jwell - dripper


  • Screw on the new atomiser

    screen box Traxx Jwell

    The value of the resistance appears on the screen.

  • Lock the button

    screen box Traxx Jwell
    • Click 3 times to lock the button

secondary fonctions box Traxx Jwell - dripper


screen message box Traxx Jwell - ON

screen off box Traxx Jwell - OFF

coil message box Traxx Jwell - TRAXX too hot - please wait for it to cool up

battery box Traxx Jwell - Battery empty (0%)

screen box Traxx Jwell - Limit 15 s- please press again to vape

coil box Traxx Jwell - Resistance is too low

coil box Traxx Jwell - Resistance not compatible/ no resistance

Colors of your TRAXX™

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