When real flavors combine with French Quality

e-cig production france Jwell

Located in Ile-de-France, at Angerville, the J Well factory guarantees a sharp compliance to manufacturing standards and regulations. From the start we wanted to offer you e-liquid flavors whose purity is impeccable; now we have mastered to perfection the composition of more than 80 e-liquids with original flavors.
The flavourist, chemists and J Well consultants are at the forefront of creativity but listen to the needs of the vapers as well; they create and design new flavors but also improve and perfect existing flavors.
It is a true labor of craftsmanship that our e-liquid production unit is in charge of. Our factory is equipped with machines that meet the most demanding hygiene standards and, besides the quality of equipment and infrastructure, J Well excels at its working methods as well. We guarantee the monitoring of the entire production chain, ensuring a seamless traceability of the e-liquid from conception to the selling of the bottle. In accordance with regulations, all the lots been numbered and its nicotine levels checked to ensure even greater security for consumers.
The e-liquids factory of J Well is your assurance of a high-level product receiving the greatest attention and continuously being improved.