Advice on Nicotine Addiction

by Jacques Le Houezec
public health and tobacco dependence expert


Smoking kills, everybody knows that. However the danger does not come from nicotine, but from inhaling smoke. Burning any kind of plant produces tar (causes cancer), fine particles (cause respiratory illnesses), and gases including carbon monoxide (cause cardiovascular disease).
En supprimant l’inhalation de fumée, on supprime les risques liés au tabagisme.
Suppressing smoke inhalation eliminates the risks of smoking tobacco.Nicotine is in part responsible for smoking dependence, (reinforced by other substances in the smoke), all the more powerful when inhaled because it reaches the brain very quickly, where it affects, among others, the pleasure center, the brain regions involved in pleasure. We commonly hear or read about alarming facts on nicotine toxicity, particularly on the lethal dose, for which the figures have always been exaggerated (30 to 60 mg for an adult). Recent researches have reported that the lower limit of the lethal dose of nicotine absorbed by an adult is actually between 500 and 1000 mg, depending on the individual’s age and weight.
It stands to reason to take all precautions with the use of nicotine and to keep it out of reach of children (like any medication and cleaning products). But it is also important not to needlessly demonize it. When doses are those that smokers or vapers usually ingest, nicotine is not dangerous. It is therefore important to use a liquid with a sufficient nicotine dose so as not to suffer from withdrawal.


Concentrations used in the liquids are quite diluted (e.g. 16/mg/ml = 1.6% of nicotine) and are not dangerous to human health.
It is however important to handle the liquid with care because nicotine is easily absorbed by the skin.
In case of skin contact, just wash your hands.
Swallowing, when vapor condensation has formed and is present in the vaporizer cap, is just like ingesting an oral nicotine substitute.


When using a nicotine vaporizer, smokers are able to intake their required nicotine amount the way they are used to. This is essential for people trying to reduce or stop their tobacco consumption.
The quantity of nicotine must be adapted to your needs so you no longer have any craving for a smoke, and you can stop smoking as soon as possible.
The urge to smoke is like hunger. If the nicotine dose intake is sufficient, the craving goes away. This also prevents snacking between meals, (a habit that most smokers who ever tried quitting know well), and putting on weight.


Smokers who are beginning to vape almost always resort first to tobacco flavors, as those are comforting. But soon they will discover the same satisfaction and the pleasure of trying a whole array of flavors with an adapted dose of nicotine.
When you quit smoking you rediscover the pleasure of being able to smell and to taste. It is a real pleasure to vape a much-liked liquid and still feels satiated.


In order to use the right dose of nicotine, do not rely on the information printed on cigarettes packs, as they are set by a smoking machine and do not match the smokers’ intake. The tobacco industry came up with this device so as to mislead smokers by reassuring them on false grounds and prevent them from quitting smoking. One cigarette contains between 12 mg and 14 mg of nicotine. Depending on their needs, (they can vary during the day), smokers take in between 1 mg and 3 mg of nicotine (1 mg on average). A simple way to reduce the liquid concentration is to keep track of the number of cigarettes smoked in one day and choose one concentration that equals the daily consumption.

The nicotine vaporizer does not perform as well as a cigarette. During the day you will have to vape longer than you would normally smoke, and you will feel like you are constantly using your vaporizer. But your needs in nicotine will diminish little by little, and in time you will find yourself lowering the liquid concentration. This will come naturally and without effort.
Choose at least two different flavors that way your taste buds will not tire of the same flavor and you will avoid not being able to taste the flavor any longer.
With another liquid or several different liquids you won’t lose the pleasure of a good vape, the only smooth way to quit smoking.
Finally choose the device best suitable for your consumption. A small battery won’t last the day. If you don’t have a spare battery you take the chance of not being able to use your vaporizer, and to light one up instead.